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4 Reasons Why You Should Immediately Call a Water Damage Restoration Company After Water Damage Occurs in Your Home

Water Damage Restoration Yonkers New YorkWater damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. If you discover signs of water damage in your home, you may decide that it is not a major problem and you can just deal with it later when it is more convenient. However, no matter how big or small the water damage may seem at the time, it is best to take care of it immediately and not wait. 

Water Damage Restoration—Yonkers, New York

Here are four reasons why you should not wait to repair the water damage in your home:

1. Mold

Most people know that mold is associated with water and dampness. When mold grows in your home, it is most often in areas that are not ventilated very well, such as cabinets, crawl spaces, basements, and attics. When water damage occurs, it can take less than twenty-four hours for mold to begin to grow. Mold can be damaging to your health, especially if you have any kind of respiratory illnesses, allergies, asthma, or any problems with your immune disease. By beginning water damage restoration immediately, you reduce the chance that mold will form in your home.

2. Structural Damage

Damage from leaking or flooding water often reaches where you cannot immediately see it. It can warp floorboards, chip paint, ruin drywall, damage your home’s electric wiring, and even wear down everything that makes up the bones of your home. Soggy wood becomes soft and contorted. The weight of water and snow on the roof can cause it to ruin your ceilings and attic. Carpets can develop mildew underneath them, causing them to start to rot. All of the areas of your home that you do not see or think about can be affected by water damage.

3. Your Home’s Foundation

Water damage can come from a variety of sources, including from bad weather. Any flooding or leaking that gets under your home can affect the foundation. Because it is difficult for the water to ventilate there, it will not dry up on its own, and water can damage the foundation over a long period, causing it to crack or soften. It is a good idea to check your house’s pump and make sure it is working properly to keep it dry. If you do not have a pump, it is important to keep an eye on your foundation for signs that water has been causing damage to it over time.

4. Money

One of the biggest reasons people do not repair water damage right after it occurs is that they do not want to spend money on repairs, so they leave it for later. As we have mentioned, water damage can lead to a variety of other problems. These problems are not only dangerous for your home, but they can decrease the property value if you ever want to sell your house one day. By putting off repairs, you will likely need to pay for more extensive and expensive fixes later, so it costs you less to just deal with the problem now.

If you have experienced water damage in your Yonkers home, do not wait to get it repaired. Call A Plus Restoration to get it fixed now so you do not have to worry about worse damage later.